Megan Linde

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"Friendly, sweet, a bit cheeky, with a unique hint of an accent."

Warm and genuine. My voice is bright and young and enthusiastic. A hint of something foreign in my speech...

Ultimately, I'm versatile. With a background in theatre, I've got a flair for the dramatic. My sense of humor, whether dry or strange or silly, is a major factor in my sound. The vaguely British (but not quite) flavor of my voice can be amplified for more class/elegance, or dropped entirely for something more "girl next door."


BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts: I received extensive acting and voice training through the Atlantic Theatre Company and Stonestreet Studios at Tisch.

VO Coaches include: Marla Kirban, Roger Becker, Bruce Kronenberg, and Stevie Vallance among others.


Created an episodic audio drama, "Steele." Featuring my co-creator as a radio talk show host/love guru, and me voicing every other character or "caller" seeking romantic advice.

I have also done some industrial work.


Character/animation work