Mats Siltberg

Mats Siltberg

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"Fast delivery and versatile. Just listen ->"

It's easy to believe in my voice. Partly because I find it joyful to find the right tone in every script. I ask myself what feeling we are trying to achieve. And of course the sound of the voice itself, which is pleasant and warm.

Also, I'm quite versatile.
Action: I'll give you my dramatic and deep voice.
Selling: There will be energy and dedication for the product.
Romance: You'll get the soft and lovely.
Explain things: I will serve you well with clarity and insight.


I've learned thru 30 years of trial and error. The last 18 years I've been full time in front of a microphone.


TV4 Sweden, HP, Kaspersky, Johnson & Johnson, NetOnNet, Canal +... To name a few.


I do post production for radio commercials