Máté Endrédi

Máté Endrédi

Member for 4 years
"True, credible, silky bass baritone"

As one one the most well known voices of Hungary, you can be can be sure that with my interpretation, any form of media material will be convincing and will leave a mark in the viewers minds and hearts.


I was a student at the Hungarian National Theater's Academy, and almost immediately started working in several Hungarian voiceover studios. This was 15 years ago, since then this is all I do, and fortunately, make a living of.


I’m the station voice of the Hungarian Public Radio and Television's (MTVA) M2 channel, as well as Discovery Channel and Eurosport 1 & 2.
My dayjob includes movie trailers, documentary narrations, IVRs, lipsync. Some of my commercial works include Audi tv and radio spots (I'm the official voice of Audi in Hungary), and my regular clients are Huawei, Elmex, Frosta, Nivea, Gucci.


My company's sound studio does the complete sound post-production and the Hungarian dubbing of Mediashop (Mediashop Holding Gmbh) films since 2015.
I can provide complete audio post-production services with translation, mixing&editing, including 5.1 and 7.1