Martin Yeh

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"I'll do whatever it takes to transform your vision into reality!"

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering and simultaneously enjoy life in Atlanta in the improv and gaming scenes. I've traveled internationally for pleasure and business, which has given me a unique perspective on many different cultures and geographic regions so that I can relate to many different people. I try and put a little of myself into every audition so I can connect with what I'm recording.
Confident, Honest, Compassionate, Protective, Adaptive, Trustworthy, Fun, Passionate, Cool, and Smooth as butter


Voiceover workshops at Neighborhood Studios
Improv workshops at Dad's Garage Improv Theatre


I've got 3 years of corporate and consulting experience with an international company. Within that time, I have worked with many different clients, most notably from the corporate and government sectors - McDonald's and the State of Georgia.


I've been in professional improvisational comedy and gaming circles for the past 2 years and am extremely creative. I can provide a variety of characters upon request, not just as an Improv performer, but also as a Dungeon Master! :D
Regal, Heroic, Jaded, Brilliant, Honorable, Mysterious, Wise, Calming, Courageous, Protective, Adaptive, and Villainous when I need to be!