Martin Lapointe

Martin Lapointe

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"With his voice, Martin brings thousands of images to life!"

His objective is to become your finest spokesperson, to maximize the impact of your message and to get results.

Enthusiastic, Convincing, Informative, Amusing, Credible, Warm, Sharp, Aggressive or Relaxed; Martin Lapointe’s voice glides from one extreme to the other to create the image you’re looking for.

With his many years of experience, Martin easily switches from narrator to convincing actor, delivering any script in International French, or French Canadian (his origin).

Set the guidelines and he will follow them. Although Martin Lapointe's voice is extremely versatile, the result is always the same - rigorous and professional.


A graduate of the reputed Musitechnic college of Montreal in computer assisted sound design, Martin Lapointe has perfected and mastered his voice by taking radio announcer’s classes at private establishments and with professionals in the field.
Despite over 10 years of successfully interpreting countless scripts, his passion compels him to practice constantly in order to push the limits of his art.


Martin Lapointe has the perfect voice for a wide variety of projects. Among his achievements are Television, Radio and Internet Commercials, Documentaries, Audio Terminals (museums), Radio Imaging, Movie Trailers, and Television Shows.

His many years of studio experience, where he supervises projects, creates, mixes, and directs actors, gives him the edge you’re after. With Martin at the helm, your projects will meet the industry’s highest standards.

Among his satisfied clients are local businesses and a number of internationally renowned companies such as Imax, Pepsi, Lexus, Kawasaki and Budweiser.

His human and professional qualities have allowed him to develop relationships of lasting trust with many clients.

A passionate perfectionist who knows how to apply himself, Martin makes sure that the product he delivers meets you expectations. Your satisfaction is more than simply guaranteed, it is his mission.

Here few testimonials from his clients;


I have hired Martin several times for his French voice talent services. His
work as always been "perfect" the first time, every time. His voiceovers are
always recorded with the best quality sound and his turnaround time has
always been great. He's at the top of my list for all my French voice talent

Scott Taylor
Taylor Made Productions, Ontario

We're very grateful to Martin for doing such a good job for our clients. He’s very professional and provides great quick response service. We’re looking forward to work with him in the near future.

Mariluz Macías Saltijeral
Business Development, Mexico

Martin, thanks for the excellent work on our production of the national Firestone Tires video. Your quick turnaround was very appreciated and your professional delivery "hit-the-mark" for our client. We'll be back .... great customer service!

Craig Davis
Executive Producer,
Producers Post Inc., Ontario

Martin Lapointe is a fantastic voice talent. He's focused, has quite a diverse range of deliveries, and takes direction very well. He's our go-to guy for French V/Os.

Steve Lowe
Principal, KOKO Productions Inc, Vancouver, British-Colombia


Narration, music editing, sound effects, sound mixing, casting and directing.
The fact that he works as much behind the microphone as in front of it gives him an understanding of the requirements of the field, and ensures you impeccable technical and vocal results.