Mark Ewart

Mark Ewart

Member for 2 decades •
"Multi-award winning British Male Voice actor"

Mark has a variety of vocal genres to suit the required job
Big, bold, confident, warm strong for conference, continuity and live events.
Inquiring, witty, eccentric, engaging, informative. For explainer narratives.
Smooth, flirty, caddish and suggestive with maybe a hint of caddish Britishness!
Bright, clear, ordered and authoritative. Think voice of god!

Equity member


Mark trained as a Lighting Cameraman and has worked on many corporate and TV productions during the past 35 years. As circumstances changed, Mark was engaged to be the "Voice of God" on several conferences he was working on. Then things have snowballed ever since.

Mark now has another string to his bow enabling him to offer voice and Camera services.


Over the past 16 years or so, Mark has worked on a variety of voice projects.
Some of my end clients are:
United Nations, UNICEF, G-tech, Vauxhall, Kia Motors, Honda, GSK, Astra Zeneca,
Coca-cola, HSBC bank, Landrover, Pepsico, Pfizer, LGC Awards, Vodafone, BP, The Milken Institute, Siemens, O2, Airwick and Diagio. These have been a variety of Live events and post production.


Mark is also a Freelance TV cameraman.