Mark Davidson

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"Amazingly Awesome and Diverse Character Voices"

Mark Fields Davidson is an actor and voice over artist with voices for characters, animation, impersonations, and spot-on regional accents.

He has voiced projects for radio commercials, ADR, narration, children’s animation, and theme parks, bringing all kinds of creatures and characters to life, including 24 different character voices in a single recording session.

Past characters include dispatcher, reporter, self-doubt whisperer, airport customs officer, heart throb, guru, toucan, cop, customer, giraffe, WWII fighter pilots, surfer dude, mirror, closet, and 1940s-1950s US & British radio announcers.

Voice Over Specs:
Natural Voice Age Range: 30-50
Character Voices Age Range: 9-95
Union Status: Non-Union
Home studio with delivery of audio by mp3, wav, AIFF, and other standard file formats.


Edge Studio with David Goldberg
VO Workouts with Larry Hudson


Modelland Holdings, LLC
Keith Wallace, Tyra Banks, Dirs.
Project Type: Theme Park
Characters: Voiced 24 characters including cop, dispatcher, reporter, self-doubt whisperer, closet, mirror, bedroom, artist, mugshots,
airport customs, screen, mother, heart throb, guru, overhead, and echoed voices

DRAWING WITH KONGO Animation by Amazing Hero Art, LLC
Rob Surette, Dir.
Project Type: Animation
Characters: Toucan, Giraffe

GIFT OF FIRE (in post-production)
Feature Film produced by Eleven Arts
Project Type: ADR
Characters: Five WWII fighter pilots and a 1940’s radio news announcer

Produced by Burkhart Cain Associates
Project Type: Regional Radio and Television Commercials
Dialects/Characters: Cajon, Italian, French, Greek, Latino, New Yorker, Southern, Surfer Dude


Characters, Impersonations, and Regional Accents