Lu Banks

Lu Banks

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"Warm, smooth, midrange, versatile female voice"

I am the warm, soothing voice of your dreams.

I narrate audiobooks, create comfort and meditation audios, ASMR soundscapes, and even the occasional spicy audio, but can voice just about anything you think of. I can voice female and male characters from teen to older adult.

I sing (classically trained contralto) and my natural accent is neutral American, but I can very easily slip into American midwest or southern accents. I can also do a standard British (RP) accent. When I take on a project, I commit fully, whether that means learning a new language or accent, or jumping way outside my usual comfort zone.

Whether you want me to read you a new book, soothe and comfort you to sleep, or voice a fantasy, let me be the voice in your ear today.


I have studied with Johnny Heller and Hillary Huber.


I have narrated and produced 7 audiobooks, and recently completed a book with High Bridge Books. I have 4,000 followers on Reddit who listen to my erotic audio performances.


I sing, can read music, play piano, and can master my own recordings.