Lorena Cortes

Lorena Cortes

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I was born in Puebla, Mexico. From my teenage years, I have held a deep passion for acting, which I have never left behind. My life has spanned across 11 cities in America and Europe over the past 15 years. I discovered and developed the fascinating world and creative skills of voice-over and dubbing. This interest has led me to professionally train and work in this area of expertise since 2016 and I am available to create and work on any prospective voice-over and dubbing projects.


Doublage et voice over - The Kitchen France

Voice over mentoring and webinars - new technologies : Gravy for the Brain, Rona Fletcher, Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards.

Voice over -Commercial- Narrations- Cartoons: Multi Media Arts, Inst. Dru Scott.

Voice over Coach: Bill Corkery Productions, Inst. Bill Corkery.

On Camera Film/Tv Acting, Cold reading and Improvisation: Actors Workshops Studios,Inst. Stephen Walters, David Huber and Jeri Holst

Acting Techniques - Scene work: LUO Theatre Company, Inst. Klaus H. Feldmann.

Practical Theatre: San Diego Community College, Inst. Holly Ritter.


I have more than 20 years of experience in Acting and I have done professional voice over work since 2020 for projects in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and Ecuador such as narrations, commercials, radio slots and shortfilms.


I'm fluent in English and French with a warm latino accent :)