Lisa Leonard

Lisa Leonard

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"Articulate and Authentic...Medical and Tech VO is my Specialty"

I love bringing scripts to life. Especially when they include long, multisyllabic words like Choledocholithiasis and Sphygmomanometer. It's a challenge to take dry, info-packed copy and read it in a way that makes sense and keeps the listener engaged (and awake!) The challenge is one I'm happy to take day after day for major pharma and medical device companies. No matter what sound your project requires, I can deliver. My compassionate sound comforts nervous patients. My intelligent narration guides eLearners through complicated material. My inviting and confident delivery makes listeners trust that what I say is true (and is worth clicking the website, calling the number, or buying the product. ) My authentic interest in healthcare and technology inspires people to think about a better, healthier future.

If you want a future that includes reliable voiceover recording from a pro who has great instincts, takes direction well, and is super easy to work with, let's talk!


Voiceover Coaching: Individual and Group sessions with Marice Tobias, Mary Lynn Wissner, Joe Cipriano, Susan Berkley, and many workshops at MAVO (Mid-Atlantic Voiceover) 2018, and the Voiceover Creative Experience (VOICE 2012, VOICE 2010 and VOICE 2008.)

Voiceover webinars and podcasts keep me up to date and in the know.

And I give some credit to those 4 dreadful years of Latin class in High School. I'm sure it's one of the reasons I can pronounce all those long words!


2003 is when I became a full-time voiceover artist. Here are some of the nice things producers, clients, and engineers have said about me:
"I know I can always trust Lisa to deliver exactly what is needed, every time. Her professionalism, skill, and warm personality really stand out."
"You will not find a voice talent that is as reliable, accommodating, or easy to work with in the industry."
"Clients love her versatility, we appreciate her reliability and professionalism. "
"She has an incredible ability to narrate any subject like she is an expert in that field”


Medical and Technical Narrations are my strong-suit, but I also voice great-sounding commercials. My smooth and sophisticated sound lends itself well to luxury brands and the travel industry.