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"Authoritative, Down to earth, Smart, Warm, and Witty"
Lisa Costello

I get it. Going green feels good. Except when it comes to choosing a voice actor. You want an amazing talent AND amazing sound quality. Search no further, I'm that hybrid; a cross breed of generation, place and skill:

I'm someone who can appeal to those who remember analog, 45's and getting up to change
the channel.... and those who don't. No matter the brand or product you have to build a relationship
with your buyer or audience. You need a read that can speak to both of these sets of folks with
confidence and conviction as well as a dose of playfulness and spark.

✸ Midwest raised, CA grown
My brain was fully formed by the time I left Chicago for California but,being here as long as I have,
this incredible place has certainly become a part of my psyche. I give your script authenticity
whether it's serious or silly and I can add an edgy, laid-back touch to your story or brand.

✸ Voice Actor, Audio Engineer
With decades of experience in the studio and on stage, I can assure quality and reliability in
recording and editing. I'm more comfortable behind a soldering iron than a curling iron and very
often need to be dragged out of the record store.
My love of singing, the story of song, has helped shaped my sense of telling a concise and
compelling story. I understand how the voice is a part of a larger picture. Audio can stand alone and
create a rich visual texture in our imagination or it can support a visual on screen making it a more
visceral experience.

I'm a bit of a hybrid here too.
I've got a straight forward, down to earth style - believable, assertive and fun with a dash of spunk and snark. When needed, however, I can also sound calming, gentle, smooth and soothing.


Private Instruction:
Sally Clawson
Tom Chantler
Mary Lynn Wissner
Everett Oliver

Class Instruction:
Berkeley Rep School of Theatre

BA in Recording Arts 1996 - Columbia College Chicago


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↣ Wells Fargo
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↣ American Express
↣ SalesForce
↣ University of Wisconsin
↣ Purdue University
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My special skills include:


Audio Engineer - post production with ProTools