Leah Voysey

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"Conversational with a Raspy Edge"
Leah Voysey

Hi! My name is Leah. I am a New York City based actor with a passion for voiceover. My unique and relatable voice sets me apart. Additionally, I am easy to work with and I prioritize my deadlines. This is my full-time job and I put all of my attention towards creating professional, successful material.

While working with me, you can expect:
• Quick turn around time (within 24 if requested)
• Professional equipment and sound quality
• A strong ability to take direction
• 5 years of extensive experience

My voice can be described as:
• Warm, conversational, and friendly
• Straight talking, genuine, and honest
• Sassy, strong attitude, and no nonsense, millennial
• Wry, sarcastic, and humorous
• Sexy, smooth, alluring, and jazzy
• Fun, youthful, and playful,
• Raspy, mischievous, seductive,
• Authentically urban, and hip
• Calm, reassuring, and knowledgeable.

In terms of animation, I have a wide variety of voices ranging from wacky and over-the-top to realistic. My characters range in tone, pitch, accent, and attitude. I can play:
• Sassy girls
• Adventurous boys
• Femme fatales
• Geeks
• Evil villians
• Bulies
• Rebellious teenagers
• Skater boys
• Shy kids


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