Lauren Racquel

Lauren Racquel

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"A vocal and audio delight..."

I work very efficiently to get the project completed quickly. I take great pride in my vocal presentations, so that the products and organizations I represent have the goals achieved. If given artistic licence I will provide multiple samples in order to make progress towards the desired direction. My work is creative, enticing, relatable, and high quality. I am reliable, driven, passionate, flexible, curious and thorough. I take ownership of the project and am not satisfied until desired outcomes are achieved. I am confident in my abilities to produce, and I do the work necessary to tilt the odds so that the best product will be produced.


My name is Lauren Racquel. I'm fairly new to the community of voice over acting and audio production. BUT! (the dreadful but...), I have a wonderful mentor by the name of Chuck who was the former personal audio producer for Mel Blanc (“Bugs Bunny”). As well as I have a musical, theatrical, and comical background. My musical background stems from my mother whom is a professional singer in my home state IL. She raised me right..! From having me sing various genres of music like bluegrass to hardcore rock n roll. As well as I have received SOME vocal training from various professional singers with backgrounds in Opera, Blues/Jazz, and Theatrical /Broadway.

As for my theatrical background, I was blessed with the opportunity to work along side, behind the scenes, and on stage with various theatrical companies in IL. As well as have the title of Assistant Artistic Director. I also have had some experience in front of the camera for a variety of corporate commercials (verbal and non-verbal).




Versatile characterization and technological modification of speech