Ken Spassione, Jr.

Ken Spassione, Jr.

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"More than Just Wacky Voice - An Actor, Ready to Help You"

Genuine. Diverse. Real. Alive!

From a relaxed real performance for a corporate narration to bringing a dizzying array of characters to life in games and animation, I am very adaptable and ready to help you get what you want and need from your projects.

Located in the Metro NYC area, I am ready to come into the city to record or record for you in my personal studio space.

Approaching voice acting from an actor's perspective I don't ask what I can read for you, but instead: "Who Shall We Bring to Life Today?"

Let me help you realize your project's potential!


I train as often as possible in different VO genres and techniques, with Roy Yokelson of Antland Productions, Marla Kirban and Everett Oliver, as well as a host of other great voice acting teachers.

But my roots go back live acting. My background as an actor and singer go back to high school at Seton Hall Prep, through Seton Hall University and gained as an actor in every vo and live project I perform. I am a baritone singer, skilled guitar player and theatrical actor.


I have been working primarily in animation, dubbed and original, for the past several years, creating and adapting characters for animated series like “Robot Trains", currently working on its second season! I have also worked on internationally produced feature films and video games. Given my ability to slip into multiple characters, I frequently perform several different characters in the same series!

I have also narrated industrial videos for several well known international companies , including

Wyndham Hotels
McMahon Engineering
Sartorius Croatia

A sample of my projects include:

2016-2017 The Dead Zone MMO Online - Crazy Game Show Host

2016 Warfare Online - US Infantry Soldier, US Tank Commander, Russian Radio Operator

2016 to Present - Robot Trains ! - Alf, Duke, Boris (Season 1, Season 2 in production)

2016 Pup 2 No Good - Pepe (voice)

2015 Star Stuff: The Story of Carl Sagan (Short) - Carl Sagan (voice)

2015 Eggy - Canbaluc

2013 Seer 3 - Ship A.I.


I am a baritone, comfortable singing whenever needed!

I am ready to perform live on stage or on camera.

I am a skilled and experienced guitar player, capable of playing music for a track if needed.

Please see my IMDB link for additional non Voice Acting skills :

Thank you!