Kendra Hoffman

Kendra Hoffman

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"Offbeat. On Message."

Perfect when your script needs someone who knows what they're doing and what they're saying. No term is too tricky, no concept too deep.

I have worked with clients in many countries, including Belgium, Russia, Israel, Indonesia, England, and Germany. I am always happy to accommodate different time zones. No matter where you are based, you can expect prompt replies and timely file delivery.

As for the voice, my particular specialties are:

* A smooth authoritative tone that makes corporate and commercial scripts sound marvelous

* Warmth and calm for scary topics like health care and insurance

* A friendly, conversational style that makes the listener feel like they are chatting with a friend

You will also find that I am very easy to work with, take direction remarkably well, and pay more attention to detail than seems humanly possible.


Guthrie Theater
Voice Acting I & II (that's all of them)

Nancy Wolfson / Braintracks Audio
Full graduate

Edge Studio
Professional VO courses and one-on-one training, Phases I - IV (that's all of them, too)

171 Cedar Arts
Singing (soprano & alto)

Brave New Workshop and HUGE Improv
Improv. As you may have guessed.

Plus a degree in Physics...just to mix it up a little


In my years as a VO I have produced hours-long training programs, been a video game heroine and an alien mother, voiced web instructions and product introductions, and created some eye- and ear-catching commercials.

Clients include Fortune 500 (and 100) companies, government agencies, schools, and producers of all kinds, such as Johnson & Johnson, AkzoNobel, Target, 3M, Cacao Berry, United Health Group, and Royal Canin.


I love to do character voices and character accents. I also have VO-experienced kids if your script calls for youth.