Katie Otten

Katie Otten

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"Enthusiastic, friendly, with range of emotions"

I have worked as an actor on stage for many years, so creating characters and voices comes naturally to me. I can do all of my recording and editing from my home, so I work quickly and efficiently. I am always happy to re-record until the client is completely satisfied, and I tackle each job with enthusiasm, since this is my passion!


I'm currently working on my Master's in Theatre Performance. I have been acting for most of my life, and voice acting for the past few years.


I have recorded voice over for the Omaha Children's Museum, ALEXYS Inc., Undertale RPG, and several audio books, including: The Home, and The Rocking Horse.


I can help write dialogue, as I have been a professional theatre artist for many years. I'm also a huge fan of video games, so I have a strong knowledge of character development in them.