Justin Fraction

Justin Fraction

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"Smooth, Soothing, Professional, Pleasant, Calm"

As a child, Justin was not allowed to read aloud in class as his smooth, silky and soothing voice was deemed too "disruptive" to fifth grade students. As an adult, Justin now utilizes that voice as a Voice-Over Artist. His voice can range anywhere from a typical deep & powerful, "Voice of God" or give a nurturing "storyteller" vibe for narrations. Some women would describe it as "sexy." Some men would describe it as straight forward and authoritative. His mother, simply thinks that it "makes her chest hurt" and wonders why anyone would pay him to do that. If he had a nickel for every time an engineer said, "You have a set of pipes on you!" He'd probably have quite a few nickels -- maybe, like 15. That's almost enough to buy ... let him get back to you on that. To Summarize: He's basically Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones but in a much more compact form.


Donna Belajac Talent Agency
- Actors Program (Advanced) - 3 Years
- Voice Over

Market Street Sound:
Amy Hartman - Voice Over

Penn State University
May 2003: Bachelor of the Arts in Film/Video


I have done many radio commercials. I have experience as a stage actor and on camera. I hosted a college radio show for 4 years.


Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, Justin has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles and several states in between that aren't as interesting to mention but we love just the same. Beginning his career as a radio disc jockey and much later a television production and casting associate (with an insane amount of temp work in between gigs and maybe a stints as a Financial Officer and Stock Analyst), Justin now spends most of his time working as a Voice-Over Artist & Writer. He may also be found occasionally explaining to someone the technical aspects of a sound studio, a web site or any of the other various random technologically based subjects that he has somehow been deemed as an expert on.