Julie Shields

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"Delightfully engaging, warm and believable!"

Through singing and her extensive acting studies, Julie knows her voice intimately and what it’s capable of. Her uncanny ability to manipulate her sound and either improvise or take direction, in record time, is as thrilling to her clients as her voice is delightfully engaging and believable to audiences. As a musician and voice actress, she has an amazing studio that she can record at any hour of the day and provide the audio you need in a moments notice.


I'm a very experienced vocalist, performing on stages around the world. I also have experience in theater and have studied acting with Nancy Chartier and voice acting with Bruce Carey as well as attended the Voiceover for Video Game workshop with Dave Fennoy and audiobook narration with CJ Critt.


Have worked with Nickelodeon, VMWare, BuzzFeed, Thing Trunk Games, Jabra, SoloProtect, C41 Media, Dean Health, Hiebing, NJCU, The Tombras Group, Premier Cancer Center, Atlas Capital, Star Medical Group, Oil & Vinegar, Hometown Dental, Rostin Ventures, Food Allergy Institute of North Texas, Kings III Security, Elephant Games, Ogilvy & Mather, Wendy's and more!


I am am a musician an songwriter who has released several albums and have written songs for both the big and small screen.