Julie Cleburn

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"30s, Female, Conversational, Warm, Friendly, Professional"
Julie Cleburn

20s-30s, Female, Conversational, Warm, Friendly, Professional, Articulate, Teacher, Mom


Voice Over Group Classes -Bruce Carey, Voices Carey Studio
Private Voice Over Coaching -Stephen Dihn, Voices Carey Studio
Private Voice Over Commerical Coaching -Katie Zeiner, Real Voice LA
Weekend VO Playdate Workshop -Richard Horovitz
Online Voice Acting Class -Crispin Freeman, Voice Acting Mastery
Animation and Dubbing Workshop -Chris Rager, Funimation
Voice Acting in Video Games - Andrea Toyias, Blizzard
Video Game Voiceover - JB Blanc, Everett Oliver
Dialects and Accent Masterclass -Eliza Jane Scheinder, Dialect Master Class
Tips and Tricks for Voiceover - Kyle Phillips, Funimation
Advance Dubbing Voiceover - Kyle Phillips, Funimation
Online Character Workshop - Arianna Ratner, Real Voice LA
Online Workout - David Sobolov
Animation Workout - Tasia Valenza, Real Voice LA


Maddie - Heart Strings Dev Studio, (Indie Video Game)
Gallaudet University - In-house Promo - Voiceover
Union Apartments Dallas - In-house Promo - Voiceover