Jon Wilkins

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"American Male Deep Warm Engaging Baritone"

that is soothing for listeners. My baritone voice attracts attention and wins over audiences for commercials, audiobooks, business presentations.

My work includes a Ranch Dog documentary for the Oklahoma Beef Council nominated for best international voice at the One Voice Awards in London. I have been a horse in a commercial, the voice of PiusiUSA video tutorials, Linguistics online courses for Towson University, and various one-off commercials including, Walker Lawn Mowers, The Men's Summit, The Door Bull, Highlands Comedy Show, and more.

I pride myself on delivering what a client desired and am very good at taking direction. My other career is Standup Comedian, which is helpful for timing and script interpretation. Prior to my Voiceover career, I spent 20 years in the marketing industry working in behavior data analysis.


Currently, training with Lesley Bailey of the Voiceover GurusI for Voice Acting
Coaching and Demo by Donovan Waylen
Talk Time Voiceover Marketing for Voiceover


Video Game Characters, 2 monkeys, Jake, Lottery Winner, Sgt Knots
Oklahoma Beef Council Ranch Dog Video
PuisiUSA video tutorial talking Horse
Linguistics course work for Towson University
The Men's Summit
Opus Exotics
UroGPO online coursework
BAM Architecture documentary
Highlands Comedy Show
The American Steak House
The Door Bull, Cash Valley Bank
Multiple books on audible


I write and edit.