John Lano

John Lano

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"Young. Contemporary. Millennial. Conversational. Real."

John Lano's voice is extremely in demand in today's advertising and commercial market. His combination of top level skill and genuine 20-something sound is a true rarity in the industry which is what makes his voice so valuable. Internationally recognized and trusted brands like Adobe, AT&T, DreamWorks, Red Bull, NBC Universal, Sony, UnderArmour, and Porsche have been absolutely thrilled with how his voice can get their clients to react both emotionally and actively to their projects. To get in touch now, email him directly at, visit his website at, or give him a call at 612-524-8758.

And it's not only his voice for which clients are clamoring.

He has an audio engineer approved, private, acoustically treated isolation sound booth designed specifically for recording voice overs. This is where he records 98% of his projects (the other 2% are usually for local clients in Minneapolis who want to work with him face-to-face). You'll receive a broadcast ready, crystal clear audio recording when the file hits your inbox.

He also offers phone patch, Skype, Zoom, and Source Connect services so you can direct him in real-time to get the exact sound you want. Otherwise, he is an excellent self-director.

You are the pilot of your project, and John is your co-pilot. You are more invested in your project than anyone else which is why it's important for you to work with top quality, highly qualified, and dependable people. That's why John is here to make your job easier and to assist with whatever you need. Moreover, he has spent hundreds of hours studying, practicing, and breaking down commercial and narration copy (a rarity among most voice talent) with well-known, top VO coach, casting director, and agent Nancy Wolfson.

If you have any questions, please ask. John is here to make your job easier.

Studio Phone: 612-524-8758
Skype: VoiceOverGenie


-Intensive commercial voice over copy breakdown, training, and mastering with top LA based coach, agent, and casting director Nancy Wolfson
-"Audition Ready" audio training with well-known audio engineer and voice talent Tim Tippets
-Yearlong training of the in's and out's of voice over and performance and marketing with coach and talent Terry Daniel
-Graduated summa cum laude (highest distinction) and Phi Beta Kappa (honor's society) from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN with a degree in psychology and minors in business and Spanish
-20 years experience performing on stage and behind the microphone for musicals, plays, vocal jazz groups, a cappella groups, choirs, and more


-Since 2015, John has been the main national brand voice of car-buying/selling giant and has voiced nationally broadcast TV and online ads as well as radio ads.
-His national TV and online ads for Autotrader and many other brands have been viewed a combined 13+ million times.
-He is the current narrator of the nationally televised NBC Saturday morning show "Naturally, Danny Seo"
-He narrated 2 nationally broadcast TV shows for Travel Channel called "Fast Foods Gone Global" and "Street Eats"
-He has voiced for trusted, worldwide brands such as Adobe, AT&T, DreamWorks, Red Bull, NBC Universal, Sony, UnderArmour, Best Buy, Porsche, Intel, and hundreds more.


-John has been singing his entire life, so if you need a singer, he's your guy.
-He can deliver any file format (mp3, wav, aif, etc.).
-His audio files are crystal clear, ready to slot into any project you may have.
-If he doesn't have the audio capabilities you're seeking, he knows several extremely talented audio engineers who can assist with your project.