John Grace

John Grace

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"Playful, friendly, and dramatically cool!"

Major companies such as Pacific Life, Toyota, and Fresh Step, among many others, trust John with their brand and so can you. With an extensive advertising agency background, John brings a different dimension to voice over. He understands how the message needs to be delivered in order to make an impact!​


I've been fortunate to work with some of the very best in VO, including: Susan Berkley, Joe Cipriano, Anne Ganguzza, Jodi Gottlieb, and Rodney Saulsberry. They truly inspire me, and challenge me to do things way beyond the norm. Truth be told, I'm grateful for each and every VO teacher I've had.


I've done several TV and radio commercials, not to mention lots of corporate work. The usual adjectives apply; it's been fun, challenging, rewarding, artistic, and joyous!


Having worked in advertising, I have a pretty comprehensive understanding of target markets, demographics, and lifestyle segmentation. I also understand key components of media buys, direct mail, and loyalty programs. I like to tell people: Think of me as the guy that went from the "Mad Men" office directly to the VO booth.