john broussard

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"Smooth, versatile delivery for multiple applications"

I am an experienced and versatile voice artist covering a wide range of areas- commercials, documentaries, professional training, E-learning, audiobooks, YouTube and more. I have a solid background in US law, and this has led to my subspecialty of recording for the legal and medical professions.


My voice over training began in radio in the 1980s when I recorded commercial spots and PSAs on a daily basis. I learned digital recording originally from a musician's perspective, and through that I was able to gain the technical background I needed to be successful at voice overs in the digital age. I consult with voice coaches periodically to get an outside perspective on my work and to make ongoing improvements to my demos. Most recently I have spent time with audio engineers to improve the technical aspects of digital recording. I have also trained with and mastered their audio requirements for audiobooks.


A while back I looked at a map and was surprised to find out that I've done voice work for clients on every continent except Antarctica. It's truly a global marketplace. I've done a lot with training and explainer scripts, and I always had a feeling that I would be good at that. I did not know that I would get so much demand with audiobooks. Authors approach me with proposals regularly, and that's given me the luxury to choose the projects where I think I would be the best fit.

A partial list of clients: Allen-Vanguard, American Physicians Institute, Bound Publishing, Bel Brands, Carmelina Brands, Carolina Tire, Crystal Century Investment, Doosan Heavy Equipment, IRETA, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Maritime Energy, Necro Publications, Omaha Steaks, Value Capital Funding


I have many years experience as a musician and numerous songwriting credits. I can also handle a variety of accents and dialects including US mid-Atlantic/southern, BBC English and others.