Joe Passaro

Joe Passaro

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"Youthful, Conversational, Versatile, Bilingual Italian-English"

Effortless. Authentic. Youthful. Conversational. Dynamic. Wry. Deadpan. Witty. These are just some of the ways to describe Joe’s unique voice and abilities as a male voice actor.
His articulate, educated millennial voice connects comfortably with the younger demographic. But he also delivers inspiring and direct narrations for professional and business audiences looking for expertise and trust. His voice is especially suited to technology products and explainer videos where you need the right balance between hip and professional. He also excels at character voices, portraying awkward heroes like Columbus in Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip, amped up and energetic DJs, or rugged Sam Elliott types who are stoic with a smile. With an added dose of versatile accents and dialects, he can find a unique personality to fit your videogame or animation.

Professional Studio:

Great sounding audio is just as important as great acting. Fortunately, Joe has both. Here are some details about his studio:

- Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone
- Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone
- Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface
- JBL LSR-305 Studio Monitor Speakers
- Reaper DAW with iZotope RX 8 Standard for any audio cleanup
- Source Connect Standard, ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, Phone Patch, You Name It!
- 12-hour turnaround for short-form projects, though often this is much faster


Joe grew up in Texas and Italy–two places with few obvious connections. But he quickly learned how to navigate these linguistic and cultural landscapes. From an early age Joe absorbed different speech patterns and pronunciations, excelling at foreign languages–he’s studied 8 so far including Italian, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, and Arabic. This linguistic comfort blended with a heavy dose of afternoon cartoons and TV to give him ample examples to mimic. But voice acting became a professional option only after years of schooling and a career in education. With 10+ years of making subjects like history and English fun and exciting, and living in places across the US, Europe, and Japan, Joe now engages audiences in a variety of media: from eLearning to explainer videos, to commercials, to video games.

Character Range:

Teen super-hero, nerdy zombie-killer, zombie, green soldier, experienced soldier, military leader, western dope, stoic Sam Elliott cowboy, Russian scientist, eccentric Italian driver, Puss in Boots, quirky pirate, puny goblin, blood-curtling orc, gallant knight, devious wizard, fluffy elephant, slithering snake, various animal noises, monster, psycho, killer, crazy.

Conversational, youthful, effortless, versatile, dynamic, educated, knowledgeable, relatable, easygoing, authentic, real, believable, smooth, clear, tech-savvy, millennial, young adult, young dad, best friend, guy next door, Silicon Valley, emotional, reflective, poetic, considerate, warm, bright, serious, matter-of-fact, confident, authoritative, empathetic, engaging, happy, motivational, anthemic.


Formally trained by Connie Terwilliger, I continue to receive coaching by Dave Walsh, J Michael Collins, and many veteran teachers in the industry as well as attend professional conferences such as VO Atlanta and the World Voices Organization Conference.

I am also trained as a historian and higher education professional. I have taught in the classroom and online for over 10 years and have developed excellent communication and storytelling skills as a lecturer.


American Honda
The New York Mets
Wuesthof Knives
Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip
Street Outlaws: The List
Wells Fargo
Fox Communities Credit Union
Hudson Yards
Atom Tickets


Accents/Dialects: U.S. Standard, British English, International English, Neutral English, Southern Californian, Texan, New Yorker, German, Mexican, Japanese, Castilian
Music/SFX: I can add music and sound effects for an additional fee