Jingle Buena

Jingle Buena

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"Tagalog Voice Over Talent and Ad Singer"

A professional voice over talent and singer for ads in the Philippines. Fluent in both English and Tagalog languages.
She has been supplying vocals online since 2005, be it a voice prompt or a music production needing vocals.
Her voice over skills include sounding like a young kid to a middle aged woman, voice acting, and audio editing for quick turnaround time.
A full package when it comes to music vocal productions as her singing includes vocal arrangement from pop to classical.


In the industry for almost two decades.
She was a musical theater actor and believed the discipline she had from theater helped her in this career.
The training she had to become a VO talent came from trying to impress every client she had. It's one happy client after another, that gave her the opportunity to better herself.


From locally made diapers to international brands.


Singing in different genres with vocal arranging