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Jenny Stanley

The first thing that sets me apart is the tone of my voice. Mine is a lower, more sultry, raspy voice. Though, not everything has a rasp. Another thing that sets me apart is my reading skill. Expressive, interesting and passionate. I have a clear understanding of when to use expressions. No boring reading here.


Training with Voice Coaches, NY. I worked with Walter Garling.


Cat Got Your Tongue Voice Talent is my company and I'm proud of it. I've done a couple commercials for, Country Meadows Retirement Home, Palmyra Red Shale Ridge Winery, phone messaging, website scripts and more.

On the burner are an audiobook, explainer video's, more website scripting and several other projects. I've recently signed up with some other VoiceOver sites which afford me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

Over the years I've done stage work, singing, public speaking and many odds and ends to stretch my abilities.


I'd say that the feature, for me, overall, is the sound of my voice. I've, literally, had people unable to respond when I've answered the phone when I worked at an outside business. Many times have I been told this is the kind of work I should do. DJ's have, eagerly, put me on the radio whenever I'm nearby and they are live. So one day, years ago, I decided to put my voice to work. I'd love to do a Documentary sometime and I enjoy reading children's books. to do!