Jen Gosnell

Jen Gosnell

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"Real, relatable, trustworthy"

I have a mid-range voice. My intelligent, inquisitive reads are perfect for roles like teachers, scientists, and narrators. I’m a great fit for medical, healthcare or financial scripts. I also rock the retail read.

Whether your project requires a smooth, empathetic, friendly, reassuring, or smart voice, or wry and sarcastic, I can help. Do you need a Mom read? I nail that one too.

I sing classical, jazz and pop (mezzo/alto range).


* I currently study with Dave Walsh. I train with other actors weekly to stay sharp.
* I can edit dry audio for your project.
* I am a former broadcast journalist.
* I am a trained classical singer, with Bachelors Degrees in Voice Performance and Communication.


Clients include Kleenex, Nordstrom, Citibank, Hill-Rom, Parker Labs, Flick eLearning, Barry Callebaut,, BlueprintNYC, TV and Radio Voices, Guerrilla Productions

I am frequently hired for eLearning and corporate projects, and enjoy narrating them.


I worked for over 12 years in software and technical environments, including managing and documenting projects for software companies. So, I am familiar with technical language and am able to narrate such projects with fluency. I am also an experienced classical singer, familiar with music history and repertoire. I love doing arts-related projects.

I have a personal interest in biographical and nonfictional, self-improvement type materials and enjoy narrating them.