Jeffrey Holz

Jeffrey Holz

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"The unique, hip, cool sounds of the Jman"

Often thought of as being an Indie voice in the main stream world of voice over, Jeffrey Holz brings a different approach to copy. With a conversational sound that still has the ability to cut through the mix, you will always get a one of kind interpretation from the Jman. Jeffrey has also proven to be one of the most versatile voice over artists in the business. His ability to go from the hip/cool sound to the more authoritative and quintessential sound makes him a valuable asset to any network or ad agency.

In the commercial arena, Jeffrey has surged and continues to be heard on multiple national campaigns. He is also a go to guy for radio commercials that call for "real" sounding characters in scripted spots.
In the world of corporate narration, Jeffrey has enabled companies to produce work that grips it's listeners while still hitting the finer points. In network promos and in show narration Jeffrey has provided a unique sound that is appealing to a wide array of audiences.

Jeffrey is a graduate of NYU, Tisch School of the Arts. There he received his BFA in Acting.

In his free time Jeffrey enjoys Stand up Paddle Boarding, martial arts, riding his electric kick scooter, and seeing movies in the theatre.


BFA Acting, New York University, Tisch School of The Arts

Improv Jam Comedy Lab

Randy Thomas, commercials and promos

Harry Dunn, promos

Jeff Howell: promos, commercials, and narration.

Michael Bell: animation

Lauren Adams: commercials, narration, animation, promos


K9 advantix
Oscar Meyer Hotdogs
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Southwest Airlines
Empire Bank
Long John Silvers
Dallas Stars
Kent State University
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Debunkify anti smoking
University of New Mexico
Cyclone Toy
Ohio Electric

The Weather Channel
TV Guide Network
Reelz Channel
Cartoon Network
Style Network

HGTV: "My First Place"
TV Guide Network: "25 Things you Didn't Know About", "Open Call"
Style Network: "Runaway Runway"

Turbo Jam
Yoga Booty Ballet

On Hold, E-Learning:
Sony Pictures International
Michael Kelly Guitars
Track Builder
Green Thumbs
Code Yellow Transport
Your Cause Connection

And many more!


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