Jason Leech

Jason Leech

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"Narration Specialist..."

I take pride in the work I do, I want to make a living of course but I do this because I love it. I'm different because I'm not a "radio" guy, this was not something I ever set out to do. I come from a background of marketing and print design and I have always been a musician in some form as well as an artist but it was not until a few years ago did I discover the art of putting all of that knowledge and talent together in the form of voiceover.


I have trained with some of the great professionals in the field as well as knowledge acquired from studying on my own through books and other training from some of the best in the business. I also studied theater locally and have a Fine Arts Degree from Ball State University.


I have achieved a great deal so far. My voice can be heard in commercial ads on the western US Coast and Hawaii, commercials in the US southeast as well as whiteboard narrations and other online content throughout the country. I have experience in recording extensive training modules for international commercial pilots and I worked with a video production company out of Australia.
I'm very proud of the work I have done and I'm currently in training session to extend my skills and I can't wait to use what I have learned and push forward to my next challenge.


I can give you an entire commercial, start to finish with full edits, music, effects and of course voiceovers. If need be, I can even write you the script.