Janpa Serino

Janpa Serino

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"Native Italian Voiceover Talent - Warm Silky Friendly Dynamic"

My name is Janpa Serino (Italian native professional voice narrator / talent / dubber / voice over) with more then 20 years of experience: I'm a voice over and voice talent since 1988. In my country (Italy) I'm one of the most known and heard voice talent.
My voice is very versatile: clean but rich, deep but youthful, suitable for various types of production:
- Radio and Television Commercials
- Product Demonstration DVD's
- Voice of Demo Production
- Video Game Voices
- Cartoon Voices
- Corporate Video / Audio
- Informative Video / Website
- Corporate Presentations/Narration
- Audio Books
- Educational
- Trailer
- On Hold Messages
- Promotions
- Talking Websites
- E-Learning and Power Point
- Various Narrations
- Tales Narration
- and many more...

My main voice characteristic is to be able to easily change my voice, expressing different characters. I can jump from a rich, deep and enveloping voice to a lighter tone, friendly and charming.
Then click my voice for your Italian Native Voice Over Productions is certainly the right choice.

My voice range is from a 18 years old guy to a 50 years old man, so I can perform different ages, speeds and levels of enthusiasm. What kind of interpretation do you need?
Friendly, energetic and smiling for a commercial? Or warm, deep and sexy for a special reading? Authoritative and institutional for a corporate video? Or sincere, informative and dynamic for your Product Demonstration DVD? Charming and enveloping for an Audio book? Or maybe energetic and believable for your trailer? Just choose, I'll perform it!

And my voice will be the right choice also when you need an English speaking man with an Italian accent (just to voice typical Italian stereotypes as Pizza, Mafia, etc.).


My "voice" is my work since I was a child. I've attended a special school for five years in Rome, my teacher was Renato Cortesi, one of the most important Italian actor and dubber. There I learnt how to use my voice in a professional way. In the same period I've started my job by the biggest Italian Radio and TV Station: commercials, narrations, documentaries and many more.


In Italy I'm one of the most famous voice talent.
My voice is very versatile and youthful, but also institutional, hot, versatile, sincere, informative, believable, sensual, commercial and many more.

Some experiences:
- ONU (United Nations)
- Kodak
- Volvo
- Chrysler
- American Express
- Yamaha
- Disney
- McDonald's
- VmWare
- Novartis
- Casio
- Playboy
- Toyota
- Ford
- Telecom Italia
- Birra Moretti
- Toshiba
- Garmin
- Goethe Institute - Germany
- and many more.........


voice and voice over narrating for shows and theatrical performances, voices for dubbing film and advertising, DVD-ROM, CD-rom, systems of audio guide, accomplishing acronyms, Official Voice of TV and Radio Station, voice for electronic publishing, voice for switchboards, voices for native Italian productions abroad, call center, answering machines, secretariats,