James Burrell

James Burrell

Member for 9 years
"Versatile naturally friendly and down to earth sounding voice"

Although a native of North London, with an accent to match, this does not prohibit James from adopting other accents, producing neutral or RP reads, or giving your advert a sense of fun with a character voice when required.

James has an upbeat, friendly voice that is both approachable and believable. However, in addition to this, he can also be authoritative and corporate, or (drawing on nearly 20 years as a radio presenter) natural, conversational.
Should you wish to inject a little humour into your project, James also has a variety of character voices ready to be used.

His natural playing age is mid to late thirties.


BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts. I am also a five time Sony Award winning radio presenter which is how I developed my voicing skills.



TalkSport (all macros and London), The Bauer Media Group, UKRD, The JMS-Group, Global Radio, Smooth and Real Radio, IRadio and the Q Production Network in Ireland, Yellow Media, Matt Hopper Productions, The Tindle Radio Group, Storm Radio Ltd, Nova Radio, Riviera Radio in Monaco, KAHL Radio USA, Spark Audio, Definitive Media, Audio Always, Orion Media, Connect FM, Oasis FM in Tenerife and Dima Production in Dubai (I recorded the television intro for their season of Road To Dima Awards programs to be show on terrestrial television) .

Recently I voiced the taglines to a major advertising campaign promoting Digital Radio UK, produced by On The Sly Productions in London, which was broadcast across most of the UK's commercial radio stations and I am the new voice for American Golf's Talksport radio campaign.


InterVoiceover, Vidify Ltd, BigFish Media.

Currently I am on the books of Voiceovers.co.uk, DeVine Voices, Voices UK and The Voiceover Base. I am also affiliated to Maple Street Voices in London and have worked with the Polish company Artifax Mundi who specialise in computer game character voices.