Jakub Urlich

Jakub Urlich

Member for 9 years •
"energetic, warm, deep, strong, flexible,"


- 15 years’ experience as an radio anchor in Polish Radio Channel 1
- A voice over artist since 2005


- Behind the mic since 1997:
- A Polish voice over artist for Bear Grylls’, Cesar Milan’s and RuPaul’s shows
- Record audiobooks, audioguides, IVR’s, presentations, e-learning projects, user manuals, lullabys, bedtime stories, interviews
- Founding Member of Polish Voice Over Artists’ Association
- Recording in home studio
- cooperate with e.g. McDonald's, Volvo, Discovery, MTV, Animal Planet, CBS, Comedy Central, Sony, Opel, Shimano, BBC,


- since 1991 member of folk music group Werchowyna