Ingrid Finicle

Ingrid Finicle

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"Buttery, sultry, yet professional-sounding vocals"

I am great at making even seemingly boring content come to life. I've done a lot of technology and software training videos for fortune 500 companies and have a knack for audiobooks. I excel at narration and commercial/video promotions.

Corporate, professional, educated voice (tech, training and medical videos); engaging audio book narration and character acting.


Paige Turner, independent acting studies, 1991 - 1993 - Seattle, WA:
Classic Acting Technique workshops -- Paige Turner 
Advanced Vocal Training and Copy-Reading -- Paige Turner 
Private Voice Over Coaching -- Paige Turner 

Graduated High School with an "Honors" in English
Excellent proficiency in Public Speaking
Live Theatre Acting Experience:  
"Blythe Spirit" (House Maid), Auburn Ave Dinner Theatre, 1992, 
 "David and Lisa" (The Teacher), 1993;   
"The Crucible" (Lead), 1993;  


I've completed commercial projects for:
Radio (Dental and Health informational spot - Character: Older Woman), Spotify Ads, Television/Internet Product Videos (Sky Jewelry, Soulmates Connection - Dating Site), Narration ("Blood Lust Audiobook"), Education/training Videos.
Corporate: Brand Development, Presentations (Hawkeye Channel), and Announcements.
Explainer: Phone Apps Highlighting Functionality
Phone System: Automated telephony systems; incoming & outgoing-messages.
Dubbing: Re-creating character lines from "The Fog" (1980's horror/thriller film) for German Metal band "Lord Vigo" to use in production of a new song.


Audio digital mastering and formatting: Cut and over-dub, amplification, compression, equalization, high pass and low pass filtering (to round off the lowest and highest frequencies), custom fade-in/fade-out, auto ducking when using music behind vocals, ACX/Audio book formatting for final submission quality, negating noise, including lowering noise-floor, improving gain without adding noise or distortion, increasing RMS for a broader-banded sound, video editing with clips, images, image overly and sound sync.

Some experience within video production, including marking for editing, image and video editing, clipping and audio sync, extensive writing and editing experience, copywriting experience, scriptwriting experience, some German verbiage translation & speech, experience with live/public singing.