Halley DeVestern

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"A vocal chameleon - from commercials to cartoons and more!"

Not only do I have a warm, believable commercial voice, but I have the ability to "shape shift" and create vastly different voices for animation and videogames, telephony, audiobooks and more. I have a great ear and can give you the voice you're looking for. I can play characters ranging in age from 5 to 100 years old. I can perform many different accents, including Russian, French, Italian, British, US Southern, US Midwest, US New England, etc. I'm also an accomplished singer and songwriter and can work with you on jingles, songs, etc.


I have a BFA in Acting from Boston University College of Fine Arts; I trained in voiceover at Edge Studios in New York City. I have a naturally great ear and picked up a lot on my own as well.


I have a wide range of experience in voiceover. I have done film looping, healthcare simulations, voices for puppetry, telephony, audiobooks, podcasts and films. I have worked for companies like Kognito, Experiments in Opera, Gotham Variety and more.


I am an accomplished singer and songwriter.