Giovanni Grasso

Giovanni Grasso

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"Warm deep institutional, or crazy fun with a lot of characters"

Actor,performer and dubber, over 20 years on voiceover, owner and founder of DESANSOUND studio in Rome providing over 36 international languages.
All the voices and recording sessions are made onsite by high quality microfones , preamps and hd pro-tools systems. Feel free to ask for a quote.


Actor, voice-talent, performer and multifaceted artist.. I never get bored!
I am one of the founders of the agency “Circle” and I also manage the Multi-media production studio “Desansound”.
My theatrical training was at I.N.D.A the National Institute of Ancient Drama in Syracuse, graduating in 1992/94, under the guidance of the leading exponents of contemporary theater, such as A.Laurenzi, Cinieri, Pagliaro, Giurana, De Martino, Pressburger. I attended the D.A.M.S degree course Discipline of Art, Music, and Entertainment in Bologna.

Professionally, I have had a long career in Theater (G.Lavia, M.Ranieri, M.Scaparro, G.Sammartano, G.Anfuso, E. Marcucci, V.Fortunato), broadcasting, film, and animation. But my career did not begin with the theater, it arrived at theater, to then re-start, utilizing the stage experience in all my activities. Also a teacher of show disciplines at regional schools, and the University of Siena.


Radio speaker form 1990 , tv show, cinema, teather, founder and ceo of DESANSOUND Studios from 1999.


Very flexible voice characters, hig experinces, deliver edited and finisched voice over, add music, add special effects, produce complete and mastered radio ad, write the copy. Very hig-quality studio equipments. Digital delivery, remote lòive direction.