Geri Mitchell

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"Friendly, but authoritative sound with 40 years of experience."
Geri Mitchell

With nearly 40 years of experience, Geri Mitchell is the consummate media professional with a passion and drive for radio broadcasting, voice-over work and an interest in radio programming. As a host, she respects the discipline required to effectively communicate with, & engage the listening audience each day.


Geri Mitchell graduated from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville in 1984 with a B.S. in Mass Communications Radio/TV under the guidance of professor Riley Maynard, at KTVI with the early mentorship of audience coordinator Pamela Bolden and later of producer Robert Dancy at WSIE 88.7.


Produced a long running show, “Whats’s Going On” with former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley, Jr. at CBS Radio. Mitchell has worked for Gannett Broadcasting, EZ Communications, Infinity Radio, CBS, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, iHeart Radio, and at NPR member stations KWMU (St. Louis Public Radio) and WAMU (Washington DC Public Radio).


Board operation, live mixing and post production editing are well within Mitchell's wheelhouse.