Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro

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"Young, bright, energetic and fun!"

Characters: Pre-teen to old age, Fun, silly, cocky, sinister, intellectual, dumb, nervous,
commanding, warm, and more!

Accents - Cockney, Hampshire, Irish, Liverpool, Northern Ireland, Scottish, Standard British
English, Welsh, Yorkshire, American Southern, Deep South, Downeast New England, General
American, New York, South Boston, Australian, Indian, Afrikaans, French, Greman, Italian,
Russian, Spanish, Yiddish,

Character Types: Heroes, villains, neutrals, children, creatures/beasts/monsters, cartoon
characters, and more

Commercial/Narration - Conversational, medical, announcer-y, character, young, teenager, cool, familyfriendly,
and other standard and exaggerated reads.


Commercial/Narration - Terry Daniel (
Characters - Cathy Weseluck (
Singing - Christine Polich (


On the roster for "International Voice Group" (


Scriptwriting, audio editing and production, singing, social media, music production (songwriting, arranging, mixing, etc),