Ellie Baer

Ellie Baer

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"KIDS Animation, Authentic,Conversational, Characters, Learning!"

I am a voice artist with credits that span all media. As a Disney voice, I specialise in kids musical animation.

I live in both the UK and Los Angeles, although I hail from New York.

I am an American voice but also voice an authentic UK accent. Presently, I'm voicing seven animated series for Amazon Prime, Neflix and YouTube. With multiple national TV commercials running at present, I am also a character actress for Walt Disney and other major entertainment brands. I have a strong background in ADR and looping and I speak Japanese. My credits include TV radio, feature film, whiteboards and marketing videos, medical explainers, toys, audio books, records and more. I can easily voice your web project, e-presentation, podcast, informercial, corporate video or instructional guide.

As a professional singer, I can also sing your jingles and bring animated wonder to your iPad/iPhone App. I'm your one-stop shopping... :-)


I'm a student of several first class coaches and workshops in Los Angeles- including Charlie Adler's voice shop, VoiceOver LA., private coaching with Marc Cashman and many many other prestigious acting and talent workshops including Stella Adler (NY).


I'm a character voice and singer for Walt Disney Records. I'm also the voice of countless educational programs and platforms, most recently, Reuters' complete home schooling program, "Connections Education." I've also voiced many characters for Jim Henson, Rhino Records, Simon & Schuster, Mattel and others.


I am a professional singer and composer with Gold Records for Walt Disney . I am also the winner of multiple songwriting awards. And I speak Japanese.