Donal de Barra

Donal de Barra

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"Warm, Believeable, Assured, Smooth, Versatile"

My voice is a smooth Baritone, but can travel between lower and higher frequencies with ease. I have a comfortable style developed over half a lifetime of Voice Overs in Irish, in both character and singing parts. I am very versatilte, have a musical ear, and listen very well to direction.


I started doing VO when I was 14 years old and have been behind a microphone every week since that time, some 16 years ago.


16 years experience dubbing cartoons and documentaries into the Irish Langauge (Gaeilge). Recent English language work consists of radio segments for the national radio broadcaster in Ireland, RTÉ, and a 3 part documentary for another national broadcaster in Ireland, Setanta Sports.


I am a musician and script translator (for cartoons in Irish). I have also been a teacher.