Derek Shoales

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"The Everyman Voice You Want As Your Next-Door Neighbor"

When you want someone who empathizes and feels what you do, then I'm the guy you call. I focus on bringing honest characters to life whether they are sane, rational, heroic, fatherly or the guy you have drinks with after a hard day at the office. My wheelhouse has been described as the big brother/father/Captain America type, but I've never been afraid to explore all other aspects of the character or script.


I've been coached by actors Crispin Freeman for Character voice work, and Terry Daniel and David Rosenthal for Commercial and Narration. Additionally, I've taken classes on improv comedy to be able to think fast and be original without a net, and studied classical voice to improve my range and control of my instrument.


I've provided a Wisconsin accented, cheesemaker narration for the Slow Foods USA pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo. I've also worked with Kaasa Health in Germany to provide English localization for the character of Genie in their educational game Meister Cody Talasia. I also volunteer with Reachout Radio in Rochester NY, to read the news weekly to the visually impaired. I'm also on retainer for promos for the radio show Selah in the upstate NY region.


Southern (Texas, Mississippi, Georgia), East Coast (Brooklyn, Bostonian, Long Island), Scottish (Edinburgh), Russian, German, Mexican.

All types from quirky to serious heroic, military, older child to senior, psychotic and calmly terrifying to fatherly/big brother.

Guttural, animalistic and all various ranges within.