Denis Bauer

Denis Bauer

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"Classy British Voiceover Artist"

Hello there!

I'm Denis — a voiceover artist, musician & sound designer with 13+ years of experience in commercial voice-overs. I help companies narrate their stories in an engaging and trustworthy way, elevating their business above competition.

I haven't missed a deadline yet — in fact, I enjoy being proactive and getting the job done quicker than expected.

My home studio setup includes:

• Audio-Technica AT2035 condenser microphone;
• Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface;
• Sound isolation booth;
• Ableton Live for editing, and Steinberg WaveLab for giving my voice a final touch.

If needed, I can comply with the ACX Audio Submission Requirements. I can do a wide range of styles, from deep and meditative to lively and energetic.

Be it a presentation, an ad or an audiobook, I'm here to help with your projects!


I have trained with a personal coach, mr. Peyton Ward, in Bristol, UK since 2007, when I first got into voice-overs. During my training I also attended the voice coaching classes in the famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre.
In addition to my ongoing voice-over work, I took Skillshare voice-over class to get the insights and nuanced knowledge about the field.


I've recorded voiceovers for many clients and companies across the globe, including but not limited to:
Luxoft — a DXC Technology Company (
Gonzoe | Film and Production Group (
Lingo Mastery (
Rilato (


Over 13 years of experience in electronic music & sound design, mixing, and mastering.