Deanna Cooney

Deanna Cooney

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"Highly versatile warm female voice with 20+ years experience"

"It always brings a smile and sense of relief to me when I hear that a client has booked Deanna for a job. I know that she will bring the highest level of professionalism, talent and personality to her role. In the nicest possible way, I know that I will be able to use Deanna as a tool; her ability to adapt to the constantly changing demands of clients during the session is second to none." Nick Gallagher, Cue Sound

"Voice over talent can be hit or miss, but with Deanna you have a hit on your hands every time. Ok, Ok a bit corny but its true. I have had the privilege of working with Deanna for at least the last 15 years, and in all that time she has never failed to deliver a less than perfect performance. Deanna has many talents, but the most important one is the ability to quickly interpret a script and understand what the creative intent is. She is then able to back that up with a huge range to her voice that allows her to quickly shift from the bubbly happy mum, to the girl next door, to the concerned government representative delivering a serious safety message. Deanna also has the ability to read flawlessly, so if you have a large amount of copy she gets through it quickly while staying on brief and ultimately entertaining your listener, which let’s face it, is what everyone hopes for. If the opportunity arises I would certainly recommend you keep Deanna in mind, if for nothing else, she is a great person to have around and always lifts the spirits of any session." Brad Habib, Soundbyte Studios


My training has been on the job over 20+ years, primarily. When I started doing VO, there were no coaches or training available, and I was basically apprenticed by local producers and studios so I learnt on the job. I had been acting for around 5 years by that time, so I brought those skills to the VO space. I've begun training recently to improve my character/voice acting work with various coaches.


The biggest advertising clients I've worked with would be Red Rooster (I was their brand voice for 5 years), and HBF (brand voice for 2 years), and I've voiced thousands of tvc's and radio ads for a huge number of larger and smaller brands over my career. I've narrated documentaries for the ABC and for SBS in Australia. I've narrated numerous corporate videos for a wide range of companies, for internal use and for marketing purposes. My experience has been and continues to be broad, with recent forays into voice acting for audiodramas and animations.


Not at this stage.