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Dean James

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"Experienced (20+ yrs). Strong, versatile, baritone/tenor."

I'm a pro voice actor with a Pro Home Studio setup. I've been doing this a while! I'm a true listener to what a client really wants. That's what counts. I do big name projects, like Microsoft and The Home Depot, but starter companies and non-profits are equally important. This really means "it's not about size".

It's not only commercials. Most of my work is company/business, web, medical, educational, eLearning, automotive and more are equally as important. But at the end of the session (did you think I was going to say "end of the day") it's about client expectations. EVERY project is equally important.

Folks say I'm easy and fun work with, but I take it all very seriously. I return calls and emails promptly. As a matter of fact, I check emails "after hours" to see if there is something the client wants to pass along. I get projects done within their deadline and still shoot for UNDER 24 HOURS. If my schedule permits, I'll get it done even quicker to help them with their schedule.

I like getting a script ahead of time when it's possible (even if there's updates expected), just to get an idea on how to bring the script to life. If the client's approach changes along the way it's not a problem at all. It's not about knocking out a quick read. It's about how I reach the goal the client wants.

Your project isn't just about a job. It's a REAL RELATIONSHIP. I want to be considered for the next project... and the next project... you get the point.

Did I mention the equipment? I should. My wife is sick of hearing about it. A -60dB sound proof booth, Sennheiser 416 mic, high-end Focusrite processing, current Adobe Audition software with precision adjustments to give you a clean read you can make adjustment to, or I can help you with, along with Source Connect, Zoom Skype and more connection availability.


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My consistent training includes sessions with:
Hugh Edwards - Gravy_For_the_Brain,
Marc Cashman - Marc_Cashman Voices,
Larry Hudson - Larry_Hudson VO,
Marry Lynn Wissner - Voices_Voicecasting
Cliff Zellman - Automotive Voicing and Marketing
David Rosenthal - Global Voice Acting Academy


I have been a broadcast and voice professional for over twenty years. You might have heard me on radio and television throughout the USA, including Boston, Miami, Kansas City, Providence and Dallas, and the voicemail/IVR systems of several companies. My work includes corporate narrations across the USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, England and Columbia.

Microsoft, The_Home_Depot, Wells_Fargo, Whirlpool, BP, Bridgestone_Tires, Kelloggs, Humane_Society, University_of_Texas, Boston_University, Ambit Energy, Brevard_Health, Williams_&_Williams Worldwide_Real_Estate, Myraid_Genetics, Northland, Oncotype DX, Huawei, Mid_Iowa Cooperative, ProfitStars, BuWave_Electronics,
Oklahoma Parks and Rec, Granite, Cobbs Bakery, Moosehead, Harvard_University, US_Government
Washington State - United States


VOICE ARTIST - I'm a skilled professional voice talent providing pro voice work and awesome client services as a voice artist. Local, regional and national commercials (TV & radio), automotive, corporate, educational, eLearning, explainer, documentary, internet and narration / story teller. I work in a professional home studio starting with a Seinnheiser mic out with Source Connect.

BUSINESS & MARKETING PROFESSIONAL - The voice is just the beginning. My process is what makes it work for you. It's all about understanding what your message is and what it takes to be sure your "audience" gets and understands it. It's not just about a smooth read. It's about a read that means a connection for the client's needs.

EASY TO WORK WITH - I understand it's really important to make sure turnarounds meet your needs. I am easy to work with. Connection on projects are no problem. I have Source Connect and no problem with Zoom, Skype, and phoners. Of course we can connect and talk about the project and the sessions if it works for you.

PRO STUDIO - My professional voice booth is -62dB, a 416 Sennheiser, Focusrite processing (which I use lightly unless you need more), Adobe Audition production software. Source Connect: deanjamesvo, Skype:deanjamesvo and phone.

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*The Home Depot
*Wells Fargo
*Wave Electronics
*Williams and Williams National Real Estate
*Allianz World Wide
*Oncotype DX
*Grantie Construction
*Humane Society
*Boston University
*Bravard Health Alliance
*TSS Photography
*Tangent Technologies
*Richter Studios
*State of Minnesota
*State of Oklahoma,
*State of Florida
*State of Nebraska
*State of Illinois

Twitter: @deanjamesvo
Instagram: @deanjamesvo
Source Connect: deanjamesvo
Phone: 817.271.3572