David Vickery

David Vickery

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"Articulate. Classic. Contemporary. Network BBC v/o"

Articulate. Classic. Contemporary. National BBC voice.

I am a highly experienced British male voice-over, having worked consistently for over 35 years in broadcast, corporate and multi-media.

My style embraces RP nuanced to appeal to modern audiences. Vocally agile, I deliver reads from warm, light and frothy through to the sensitive and serious.

My approach to voice production is one that is both confident and professional. I like to think my business dealings are transparent and honest and having been a producer myself, I respect and understand what is necessary from your perspective. Working at distance, mutual trust is imperative.

Where possible, I am happy to provide bespoke demos and welcome enquiries attached to a range of budgets and requirements.


Trained as an actor at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, South Wales.

35 years experience in network broadcast environments, commercial production studios and live events.


Channel 4 TV
British Airways
BBC World Service TV
Discovery Networks Europe
History Channel
Ducati, ITV, Mobil, Med-El, NHS, Rosetta Stone, BP, Visa, Lloyds TSB, LG, Zeiss, Palm-Pre, Microsoft, Nat-Geo, Pixel Learning, Bio-Rad, Lloyds, Weatherford, Uvex, Forbo Eurocol, Censhare, Volvo, Nuon, Shell, Sony, Siemens and over a thousand others...


.. just take my voice.. and we'll bend it to what is right for your project...