David Parry

David Parry

Member for 7 years •
"warm honest authoritative"

My male British well-honed vocals appeal to the listener as they are warm, friendly and clear.
My enunciation is precise and reflects British values.


Firstly, I enrolled with Gary Terzza for his "Voice-over Master Class".
This entailed in-studio tuition: studio and mic techniques, and producing a variety of approaches, i.e high-power commercial delivery, documentary and audiobooks.
Secondly, a course with the leading on-line voice-over training company, "Gravy For The Brain". I passed the beginners-course with a 100% pass-mark.
Thirdly, as a member of British Equity, I attended six workshops featuring acting techniques, mastering IT apps for performers.
Fourthly, I take regular acting and performance training classes on-line from a US Disney-award winning actor.


Active in voiceover for a continuous seven years.
I have a professional home-studio and also attend sound-studios where the work takes me.
I have recorded over 1200 voiced scripts across all genres:
commercials - eLearning - AVR - business presentations - animation - video games - ADR - television*
(*I voiced the Kray brothers for a news item on the UK's national ITV-News!)


In post-production, I use EQ, High Pass Filter, Compression and Normalise.
This ensures high-class delivery to my clients making the recordings ready-for-immediate-use in radio,
television, internet or in-house for client.
My studio comprises:
mic: Audient AT2035
interface: Audient iD4
headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M40x
Software: Sound Forge, Ocenaudio and Audacity
sound-treated booth
pop screen