David Klein

David Klein

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"Conversational, Friendly, Genuine, Authentic, Corporate, Fun,"

I have a naturally genuine, warm, friendly voice that is clear and easily understood. It has been described as having a neutral accent with the ability to change from reassuringly corporate to charmingly fun and upbeat. I have the ability to convey authenticity and trustworthiness into a script.


I trained for ten years at the Jack Waltzer Method Acting London Workshops. I had professional singing lessons for two years in south London. I have taken various VoiceOver training courses and believe the process is ongoing in terms of continuous development.


Through the production company Film38 I have voiced for The Royal Mail, Aviva Insurance, Barclays Bank and various in house training videos. I have lip synched for a Bratislavian film called' Evil'.


Not at the moment. Currently taking a professional Audio course to learn how to add music to a voice track.