Danielle Whiteside

Danielle Whiteside

Member for 4 years
"Attitude, Flavor & Energy; Child to Adult - Innocent to Wicked"

I am always improving listening and learning... including learning my own strengths, ie...

Range: I can go from dark, sinister and sensual to bubbly, excitable and fun-loving in a flash! I love accent play and edgy characters.

Dedication: I have been in Radio, TV and Film production as an editor, as an intern and as talent. I understand what clients need from every angle when completing media based projects and it is important for me to deliver.

Ambiguity: While working at a radio station years ago I would often have to call in and pretend to be different people (when no actual listeners called in to our 6am show; at this point I was told that my voice was great because it could be any age and race from any region. I try to use that to my advantage whenever applicable.

Genuine Tone: Authentic and persuasive without being "salesy" or overbearing.


VoiceBox Narberth PA courses and workshops including 6 weeks intro to voice over, Advanced Voice over workshops And Character and animation class with Neill Hartley, Sandy Stefanowicz, Rob Holt
Also webinars such as Real Voice LA live streams and Lisa Biggs
Radio, Tv, Film Rowan University
Bachelors in Communication / College of Media and Communicatio; University of Arts


Altoid commercial spot on Radio/ WRD for Wired 96.5
Autism Expressed web based learning webinars (Digitability) Voice overs for over 5 years
Daetrix Role: Laura Charles in the Fanimated series The Last dragon


Jingle writing/Linear editing
Massage Terminology
Creative writing /Poetry
Open mics/spoken word
B.S in Media and Communication program
Hula Hoop/flow arts