Dan Akers

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"Confident, versatile British MVO. Own studio, good availability."

Client-direct (remote): direct me from anywhere in the world with Source-Connect on Google Chrome.
Client-direct (London): if you book a central London studio, I can come to you so you can direct me face(mask)-to-face(mask).
Self-direct: after 20 years directing the UK's top acting talent, I can confidently and competently self-direct, usually interpreting the brief correctly from take 1.

Self-op audio is edited, de-breathed, de-essed and provided both with and without processing, with a promise of 10 minutes (or more) of completed audio within 2 hours of confirming receipt of your script. Audio from remote sessions remains unedited and unprocessed because it’s supplied just 10 mins after the session ends.

Our audio quality exceeds the strict quality standards adopted by UK broadcasters. A custom-built voice booth provides excellent acoustics. The UK designed and built Aston Spirit, a large capsule condenser microphone, has a stunningly-detailed sound that can handle almost anything you sing, shout or scream into it, and it performs as well as microphones worth over £2,500. Dry voice audio is supplied as 24-bit, 48kHz mono WAV files with fully-produced audio supplied as 24-bit, 48kHz stereo WAVs

All clients are given their own secure Dropbox folder where new audio and invoices are stored, and that they can use to transfer assets to Dan ready for voicing or production.


If you amend a script after it’s been recorded, most voices will charge you a fee, With me, re-records are free. Whenever you book me, you’ll receive:

1 master recording
2 full script FreeRECs
3 minor FreeRECs

If you don’t need any full script re-recs, you’ll get:

1 master recording
10 minor FreeRECs

It's not always possible to pass re-record costs onto your clients, and it can be awkward even having to ask, and that's why I put this policy in place. If you're unhappy with my read (maybe the tone is wrong or I've mispronounced something), it'll be re-recorded until it's right, with no limit on the number of re-records.


Actando (a series of e-learning courses)
American Express (online and in-app explainer video)
Barceló Hotels Group (on-hold messaging/IVR)
BingoBlitz.com (video game character)
Book Buddy Media (audio book - narrator, characters)
British American Tobacco (vaping launch video)
CARiD.com (TV campaign - Houston, TX)
Casumo.com (online explainer video)
Cisco (promotional video)
Comcast NBC Universal (production - UK radio, online)
Decibel Open Air Festival, Italy (social media promo)
DKSH (inter nal staff communication)
Dulux Trade (new UK brand voice)
FOX TV (UK network show sponsorship tags)
Hilti (instructional video)
Jeld-Wen Group (documentary)
Mercedes Benz (Sprinter 25th Anniversary promo campaign)
MediaMonks New York (S4 Capital launch promo)
Saurer Group (e-learning)
The Voice Distillery (Queen Mary University, Edinburgh)
Velo (product launch video)


"I've worked with Dan Akers many times and he is the complete audio professional. There is nothing he can't do. He writes, produces and directs all things audible with great charm and aplomb. What's more, he's a very fast and skilful engineer whose attention to detail ensures all his productions just sound "right". But what really sets him apart is his talent as a voice artist. Not only does he have a great voice but he knows exactly how to use it. So from thin air to on-air, he can do absolutely everything. I sincerely recommend him to anyone." ★★★★★
PAUL BURKE | author, most-awarded ad creative in history, AMV/BBDO, London UK

"Dan puts the "artist" into voice artist. Lovely quality of voice, particularly if you're looking for sincerity and trust. But Dan also 'gets' a script. His breadth of experience means he can tell what you're aiming for and delivers. He hits every note and every beat. He can produce and record himself too which is handy when you need it right and you need it right now. A joy to direct and lots of variety when you're looking for options. Highly recommended." ★★★★★
KIM GALLAGHER | Bauer Media creative director, Newcastle UK

"I've never before met someone who can bring a script to life like Dan. The best producer I've ever worked with. His attention to detail is second-to-none. Versatile voiceover too with great range and a polished, prompt delivery. Couldn't recommend more highly." ★★★★★
DAN HUNT | Luck & Judgement CEO and creative director, Devon UK

“By far the most dedicated and sincere voice actor I've worked with. Always satisfied with the result.” ★★★★★
JASON JANG | Screenwriter & Director, Los Angeles, California, USA

"Dan has an excellent voice, great to work with and much liked by our international client base. He responds to emails quickly and we usually receive his audio within 1 or 2 hours." ★★★★★
FRANK METZEL | Alpen Animation and Life Science Animation, Germany

"Dan is hugely talented at what he does. Super impressive in fact and such a pleasure to work with. I’ve undertaken multiple Radio ads with Dan, whilst at Vodafone & Screwfix, and he simply puts 200% in to every ad. So helpful and supportive. A true expert with Radiocentre Clearance matters too. The collaborative approach Dan proactively takes is what every client needs. Dan makes sure the ads are maximised from both technical and creative angles. It's always very enjoyable producing ads with Dan and I always look forward to studio time together. Dan continues to support his clients for post-production requirements and has often over delivered, against the odds, to help perfect ads. He’s helped me out with being the voiceover artist too for the main ad and/or the Ts&Cs. A genius and what he does. Best in the industry! Great guy. Highly recommended. All the best and thanks Dan. Look forward to working with you again soon." ★★★★★
SUKI RAIKHY | specialist marketing executive, London UK

“We were absolutely delighted with the voice-over service we received from Dan! He was a true professional from start to finish and we were able to wrap up the project in less than 24hrs due to his brilliant delivery! I highly recommend anyone in need of a voice for their project to look no further than Dan!" ★★★★★
TESS WHITTAKER | The Voice Distillery CEO, Edinburgh UK


I learned and improved my voiceover skills purely through on-the-job experience, and have voiced many radio commercials and corporate scripts over more than 20 years. Indeed, my passion for voiceover began 40 years ago listening to The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy on BBC Radio 4, at the same time as I discovered Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, where I'd attempt to mimic the part of the Narrator played by Richard Burton. Whenever I work with an actor or a voiceover artist, I observe them closely - their technique, their approach, and learn from it. When producing, I'll also ask them to give me their own interpretation of a script, realising that good voice talent often has useful input into the production process. I absolutely love being given the opportunity to voice - not because I love the sound of my own voice (let's face it, very few of us do!) - but because I enjoy the challenge of delivering a script so it's completely on-brand and on-brief.


New "Mind the Gap" voice on London Underground's new fleet of trains, heard by over a billion passengers every year.
In addition, I have produced over 5,000 on-board passenger announcements for London Underground.
I was the Vodafone legals voice on their radio commercials for around 3 or 4 years.
Voiced or part-voiced well over a hundred ads whilst not even a full-time voiceover artist.
I was a radio presenter for (cumulatively) 10 years on radio stations across the north of England.
I've produced and presented shows for in-store and in-flight radio channels.
I've voiced training videos for corporate clients.
Recently I provided pre-recorded 'links' for a corporate awards show for the British Institute of Cleaning Science.
I have my own studio, and as a producer I can also package up any voiceover job with music, effects, etc. By default, all voiceover work would be provided with breaths taken out and with processing as required.


Audio production
VIdeo production
Showreel production
Logo design
Motion graphics
Music production
Station imaging
Automated public information systems (voice of mind the gap and producer of thousands of London Underground prompts)