Damon Alums

Damon Alums

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"Sincerity. Strength. Command. The voice for your project."

Memorable voices are rather easy to find. Memorable baritones are pretty rare. Memorable baritones with a background in performance, rarer still. Damon is a memorable baritone with a background in performance combined with a dedicated mind to service in the performance that will leave a lasting impression that will earn repeat visits, positive attention, increased traffic, and greater yield for your voiceover project.


Damon completed formal training through the SuchAVoice program in early 2016.
Damon completed a one-to-one character acting intensive with Dave Fennoy in early 2020


Damon has become a mainstay on ACX, earning his first audiobook contract while still training with the SuchAVoice program. Never one to rest on his laurels, Damon outperformed voiceover talent worldwide for the VOPeeps 2018 Carol Joy award to attend VO Atlanta in 2018.


Damon is able to produce high-quality audio in multiple formats from his professional home studio, with a turnaround time of 24 hours, depending on the project. For projects in need of copy that sizzles, Damon can add that special something with copy editing, or even create a memorable copy for you. If post-production, mastering, music, or effects are required to take your project to the next level, Damon is happy to add value this way as well!