Conlin Rei

Member for 3 years
"Conversational, Unique, Soothing, Energetic, Youthful"

I am a professional singer by trade and moved into voice-over years ago.

From Commercials to Audiobooks and Yoga Videos, to anime and cartoon dubbing, to musicals, I've done it all! I'm very passionate about this craft and you can be assured I'll put in 110% in every project!

English is my native language with a neutral accent, I am taking intensive tutoring sessions in several other languages as well, so I'm able to do accents and dialects of the languages listed accordingly if needed.


12+ Years of professional singing, speech-level singing.
10+ Years of professional stage acting and performance.
3+ Years of one on one voice-acting workshopping.


Recent Clients include: ChuChuTV, John Casablancas, AAAA, many theatre companies, several Indie producers.
Performed in many musicals and plays such as; Phantom of the Opera, Avenue Q, Hello Dolly, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables, Legally Blonde, Seussical, Grease, etc!
Done Dubbing in English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and French.


Professional Singer by trade, Adept in Audio editing, very diverse in speech and language options.